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Aura Sprays

We love to be inspired by authentic products created by artisans of their particular trade. On our travels to exotic sites around the world, we have collected pure essential oils and resins from Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Zanzibar, France and Australia. These special oils and resins form some of the inspiration for the Ecletique Aura Sprays. The essences are handcrafted using artisanal skills and produced in limited quantities through the use of traditional methods of blending and alchemy. 

Our Inspiration:

The Eclectique Aura Sprays have been synergistically created from the four main scents of aromatherapy –floral, fresh, oriental and woody. These light and clean-smelling energy sprays receive fabulous reviews for having enticing but not overpowering scents.  The Eclectique Aura Sprays are divinely inspired and hand-crafted by us in Cape Town with an infusion of sacred water and 100 % pure therapeutic grade essential oils. No synthetic ingredients or polysorbates are used and as with all our products, these essences are never tested on animals. Each black essence bottle contains an energetically charged crystal chip which is used to disperse the specially mixed elixir gently before spraying. 


We source the purest essential oils that we can find. We don’t use nature identical, we don’t use scented or flavoured oils - because of the energetic pattern that the original oils carry - we ensure that they are all tested. Sometimes the scents are even changed if the suppliers have changed the quality of the oil. Our essences are designed to be sprayed into your aura, which is a living organism, therefore you can’t use any toxins or any poisonous essential oils or additives. We try to make our sprays energy and auric friendly, the sprays enhance your energy, they don’t activate allergic responses. In the movement away from living in toxic environments, we tried to eliminate anything toxic. Did you know that essential oils in big amounts can be quite toxic to your body. We make sure that the oils that we use are in complete harmony with your aura, your energy body, your home and your environment. We believe that our sprays are living essences and they constantly need to evolve and align with new energies and frequencies.


Most of our memories are either linked with what we see, or what we have tasted, or what we have smelled. If you think about travelling to an exotic destination, you are going to remember the pictures because you took photographs, you are going to remember the tastes, because you had an exotic eating experience but quite often what locks memory into your mind is what you actually smelled. We all have memories of when you cut open an orange and what that smells like or when you walk in a rose garden and you get overwhelmed by the amazing scent that the roses are giving off, or when you smell vanilla in fresh out of the oven pastries. We also have ingrained, old memories of smells that we might not have experienced in this lifetime but when you smell it you instantly remember it on some level and you instantly fall in love with the smell. One of those smells for us is Frankincense. So the first time we smelled Frankincense, we loved it, we knew the scent.


 “I don’t know where I know this from, it’s not in my culture but it activated something inside of me”.  Berto


Our Aura Sprays are designed to activate memories in your energy and in your aura. They are designed to activate happiness. We have even had people where other life experiences have been activated in the healing session where they smelled neroli essential oil and they were transported to orange groves in Spain. We store our memories through our senses and smell is one of the biggest senses. 

Why did we make these sprays?


We made these sprays to transform stuck energy out of the aura as we could see that in healing the energy gets released and then floats around in the aura. We were inspired to make these sprays to help to release heaviness out of the energy body. Secondly, to activate good memories. Often our minds can be conditioned to remember the negative life experiences, we forget there is a lot of beauty around us and nature continuously gives us that beauty but we forget about it. One of the things it blesses us with is beautiful smelling plants. This is why we only use natural products - we want to get it to a state where nature reminds us of the beauty of what is out there.


We were the original aura sprays creators - almost 18 years ago ... and we absolutely love making them and sharing them with everybody.

Myrrhophore tradition:

According to Felicity Warner, author of Sacred Oils, the Myrrhophores are an ancient and secret group of women who work with sacred oils for the highest good of everyone. 


Myrrhophores were also known as myrrh-bearers or mistresses of the oils. I first realised that I was a Myrrhophore about 20 years ago when I started working with different types of Frankincense oil - using the essence of the oil for daily anointing of my energy.


I am always asked about the essential oils used in my sprays and my blending process is based intuitively and upon the energy signature of the flowers, wood and resins. This makes my process more heart-centered than mind-centered. I have studied plants and plant lore extensively over the years and integrated that into my work. I have always had a great love for flowers, scent and resins and the origins of sacred essential oils and perfumes and how they were used in traditional therapeutic rituals.


Tamar Victoria, creator of Sacred Lotus and Eclectique signature aura sprays, energy sprays and sacred elixirs. 

How to use your sprays:

The Eclectique Aura Sprays are used to bring patterns of perfection into your energy and in the spaces and places around you. Use them to invite virtues into your aura, your chakras and your space:


  • to bring oneself into the present moment

  • to attract colour into the aura or a chakra

  • to attract positive energy and light vibration into the aura or a chakra

  • to calm and relax one - spray onto your pillow for a peaceful night's sleep

  • to inspire - use before doing something creative

  • to quieten the mind - use as a meditation tool

  • to refresh one’s energy - use as a yoga tool

  • to protect and seal one's aura or chakras

  • to clear unwanted negative energy out of a space

  • to attract positive energy and light vibration into a space

Aura Sprays