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Soul Code: Blessing

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SoulCode: Blessing

This is Soulcode is about counting your blessings, honouring your gifts and talents and sharing this energy with others. I believe if we all align with our natural gifts and talents and share this with the world, the world will then become a more beautiful and happy place. It’s about focussing on the underlining energies that we often miss because we are busy with our stories. These energies are creation, co- creation, manifestation and the general flow of the Universe. We all incarnate on this planet to learn and experience things but we are also blessed with amazing gifts and talents to make our soul-journeys more interesting and beautiful. Using these gifts and talents is our duty. Blessing the world with your gifts is our prerogative. The deeper aspect of this code is about collecting fragmented or lost aspects of your soul. When we experience any type of trauma we lose small fragments of  our soul energy and it is important to find and integrate these energies again. An easy way of doing this is to become childlike and start exploring life without worry and anxiety. Become present in the moment, and play and view the world through the eyes of a child. This is a magical beautiful place if you actually stop, breathe and observe.  So today, bless the world with your unique energy by sharing this with people around you. Practice random acts of kindness, donate some time to a worthy cause, clean out your cupboards and share your abundance with others. Feel the feeling of “I am blessed” in your heart and share this with your world.

Ask yourself these questions:

Where in my life do I feel incomplete?

What can I do to attract the broken pieces of my soul?

What are my gifts and talents?

How can I share my gifts and talents with others?

How can I have more fun?

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