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“ An exotic collection of objects, art, decor and ideas forming a  unique style from a wide-range of different sources”.


Our shop represents a jewel of collected items, some related to each other, some just chosen for their shape, colour or origin. We love exploring different cultures, focusing on art and traditional craft. We want to create an immersive experience that entice and activate all the senses. Our main focus is always to create a feeling of calm and balance through the specific choosing of our objects.


The second aspect of our business is the manufacturing of useful items, often inspiration taken from nature. As far as we can we use environmentally friendly, recyclable or completely compostable materials. 


 We create unique products like our heat proof incense bowls, dishes, ting-a-ling mobiles are all created with environmentally friendly technology. Some printed with environmentally friendly bio plastic made out of corn. 


Mostly we collect unwanted items ranging from brass, copper to china and change the function of the item into an art piece, thereby breathing new life into unwanted objects. Our main focus is to re-imagine objects into something useful and unique. 

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