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The essences have been programmed to work as an energetic magnet, so when you spray them into your aura and you hold the intent of what that bottle represents, then it attracts that quality into your aura, it brings it closer to you. It is soul alchemy in a bottle. 



Vibration: Aligns with the energy of your heart.


Forgiveness Affirmation:

I am connected to my guardian angel.

In the silence of my heart I find forgiveness.


Signature therapeutic essential oils:


Rose Geranium



I forgive everyone (and myself) for not loving enough.


Our Forgiveness energy spray is a unique and powerful blend of essential oils and crystal energies. It helps to bring a sense of understanding, forgiveness, and compassion into your life. It helps you to let go of any negative feelings that are lingering in your energy field, allowing you to move forward in life with a clear and open heart. With just a few sprays, you can feel the healing energies travel throughout your body and soul, helping you to forgive and be forgiven. Give yourself and others the gift of forgiveness with our handmade Forgiveness energy spray.


The next incarnation of our aura sprays . We have been making these for almost 20 years . Clearing . Healing . New look, new oils - still the best quality. And gees they smell so good !!! #aura #aurasprays

Forgiveness Aura Spray

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