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The essences have been programmed to work as an energetic magnet, so when you spray them into your aura or specific chakra and you hold the intent of what that bottle represents, then it attracts that quality into your aura or specific chakra, it brings it closer to you. It is soul alchemy in a bottle. 


Infuse - solar plexus chakra

Vibration: Infuses with energy and aligns with the wisdom of the Universe.


Infuse Affirmation:

I honour and stand in my power.

I have lots of energy.

I have a positive self-image.

I listen to the voice of my soul.


Signature therapeutic essential oils:


Rose Geranium



Awakened solar plexus chakra - want to learn more - click on Workshops (at the top menu bar) and choose from our range of Chakra online workshops and learn to Ignite your Chakras.


Our handmade Infuse energy spray is the perfect way to activate your solar plexus chakra. It helps to create a strong connection to your inner power and infuses your energy with light and energy. Infuse is made with the purest essential oils and is designed to help you feel energized and empowered. Use it throughout the day to stay energized and connected to your true self. With Infuse, you can experience a new level of clarity and energy.


The next incarnation of our chakra sprays . We have been making these for almost 20 years . Clearing . Healing . New look, new oils - still the best quality. And gees they smell so good !!! #chakra #chakrasprays

Infuse Aura Spray

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