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The essences have been programmed to work as an energetic magnet, so when you spray them into your aura and you hold the intent of what that bottle represents, then it attracts that quality into your aura, it brings it closer to you. It is soul alchemy in a bottle. 



Vibration: Attracts energetic and emotional balance.


Gentleness Affirmation:

I nourish the needs of my soul.

I gently release all stress and worry to my Higher Self.

I embrace the uniqueness of my inner child.


Signature therapeutic essential oils:


Ylang Ylang



Be gentle with yourself - feel in your heart before acting.


Our handmade Gentleness energy spray is made with a blend of essential oils known for their calming properties. It is specifically formulated to bring peace and gentleness into your aura. Spritz it around you and feel the calming energy that radiates from it. This spray is perfect for those needing a gentle reminder to stay centered and balanced in their energy. Use it to set the intention for a peaceful day and to bring a sense of serenity into your environment.


The next incarnation of our aura sprays . We have been making these for almost 20 years . Clearing . Healing . New look, new oils - still the best quality. And gees they smell so good !!! #aura #aurasprays

Gentleness Aura Spray

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