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Natural Incense

frankincense incense burning.jpg

We offer high-quality and affordable frankincense, myrrh and other tree resins that have been hand-selected for their purity. These natural tree resins have been used for thousands of years as cleansing and clearing agents, emitting a beautiful soft fragrance that permeates the air and fabrics. In some traditional cultures, frankincense has been used as a protective agent and natural perfume, with people smudging their clothing with this fragrant smoke. Try our frankincense and myrrh resins today and experience their wonderful benefits!

How to use:

Use a heat proof bowl and fill it with dry sand or heat proof burning medium.

Add a charcoal, light it and wait  for it to turn gray. Add a small piece of foil on the charcoal and then place a small piece of frankincense on the foil. The foil prevents the frankincense from over-heating. Enjoy the beautiful fragrance.

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