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This pure handmade incense is steeped in centuries of tradition using perfected recipes passed down through the generations of one family. The incense is not a mass-produced product, rather it is hand rolled, produced with focused consciousness, in a happy environment, using only the purest of ingredients.


This temple grade incense was designed to create a special atmosphere of devotion, sacredness and connectedness.  It awakens the mind creating an uplifting mood. The subtle properties of each unique fragrance infuses your energy with relaxation and bliss.


Make an ordinary moment a sacred one.



Distilled water, pure ground charcoal, white bamboo


Amber, gum alemi, gum opoponax, gum labdanum, myrrh, makko powder, tragacanth gum, gum olibanum, frankincense, gum arabic and gum dammar. 

Woods: sandalwood and cedar wood

Essential Oils: Sandalwood


About shamama attar:


This ancient attar was developed around 400 years ago in the perfume capital of India, Kannauj, on the bank of the Ganges River especially for the ruling Maharajas of the time. It is a blend of over 20 ingredients steam distilled into Sandalwood oil.  It is a woody, spicy blend with a hint of sweetness and touch of refreshing camphoric notes. It has inside Frankincense, Heena, Oud, Amber and Musk amongst others. 


Awaken moods and emotions according to the subtle properties of each unique fragrance. 


Relax and enjoy the purest incense experience - scent from another world.

Shamama Attar Incense - Champa Collection

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