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Smudging is the purification process of creating smoke by burning plant material. The plants made into a smudge are known for taking away the negatives, cleansing, harmonizing, balancing and bringing good energy back. By burning the plants, aka “smudging”, the spirits of the Sacred Plants are called upon for cleansing. Smudging merges the spiritual with the physical.


Smudging has been an integral part of the Native American, Indian, Chinese, Celtic and other ancient cultures as a way to cleanse, purify, clear and release energy. It’s used in many ceremonies and rituals, setting the mood and preparing those involved emotionally, spiritually and psychically. It's often employed before meditation, prayer, sweat lodge, when people are ill or depressed, or just to move out stale, stuck energy and create a renewed flow.  Smudging can be performed in one's environment, on the physical body and personal possessions.


What do we offer:

Sandalwood sticks

Palo Santo sticks

Mugwort sticks

Imphepho sticks




Sandalwood sticks:

Sandalwood is used energetic purification purposes.


Palo Santo sticks:

Palo santo is used for spiritual purification purposes.


Mugwort cigars:

Mugwort is used to clear energetic imprints and helps to clear nightmares (but it really stinks!).


Imphepho bundles:

Impepho is the isiZulu name meaning to be sheltered, shielded or protected. Impepho is the primary tool or medicine for connecting to and creating space for the ancestors.

Sacred smudge incense

  • Sacred herbs and woods for clearing and creating sacred spaces.

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