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Eclectique mala crystal bracelet

blue fluorite | wood


This stunning mala bracelet is made up of 8mm rare Blue Fluorite gemstone beads with the colour ranging from pale blue to aquamarine to sea green. This powerful combination creates a beautiful piece of jewellery with a powerful spiritual energy. The perfect accessory for those seeking a deeper connection with the heart energy. The Blue Fluorite Mala Bracelet can help to open and activate the throat chakra, helping to voice from the heart.


the crystals:

blue fluorite - connecting heart energy with throat energy

wood - connection to earth


affirmation: I speak my truth gently from my heart


use the sacred wood as your essential oil diffuser - place a drop on the wood and allow it to gently diffuse your favourite scent around your aura


this mala crystal bracelet was inspired and handcrafted by Tamar at Eclectique and blessed with sacred mantras and activated with sound healing frequencies

Blue Fluorite Mala Bracelet

  • gently roll the bracelet onto your wrist - do not pull and stretch over your wrist

    don't allow your mala crystal bracelet to get wet

    handle with care

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