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A beautifully infused cream that can be used for massage or for pain management. This Ancient Ayurvedic recipe includes herbs of hemp, beeswax, propolis, essential oils of Calendula, Frankincense, Peppermint and many other herbs and resins. On our travels through Sri Lanka, visiting many Ayurvedic Spas we  were inspired to create this Ayurvedic cream. 


This pain cream moves its healing properties deep into the skin to relieve tension and tight muscles. It has also been most effective for the healing of skin conditions.

We have been producing this wonderful cream for a 10 years now. It’s 100% natural with no preservatives or additives. We have sourced some of the best oils, butters, essential oils, resins and beeswax that is available on the market. What we can’t find, we make ourselves. We have learned how to extract the powers of the herbs that we use in this ointment.We don’t claim any medicinal healing with this balm but we have seen amazing results and we use it daily on sore necks and bodies. 


How to use:

Take a small about of balm form the ointment jar and warm gently in your hands. You will see the texture will change and this activates the active ingredients. Apply to sore muscles, rubbing it into the skin. This is a slow release ointment, so a layer will remain on the skin which will slowly be absorbed into the skin releasing the beneficial benefits.

Ayurvedic Balm

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