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The essences have been programmed to work as an energetic magnet, so when you spray them into your aura or specific chakra and you hold the intent of what that bottle represents, then it attracts that quality into your aura or specific chakra, it brings it closer to you. It is soul alchemy in a bottle. 


Intune - crown chakra

Vibration: attunes to divine wisdom for inner peace.


Intune Affirmation:

I am guided and feel connected to the Universe.

I am aligned with my soul's purpose.


Signature therapeutic essential oils:





Awakened crown chakra - want to learn more - click on Workshops (at the top menu bar) and choose from our range of Chakra online workshops and learn to Ignite your Chakras.


Our handmade Intune energy spray is designed to help connect you to the Universe. Made with specially chosen essential oils, this spray helps to awaken the crown chakra, allowing you to better access your inner spiritual power. Use the Intune energy spray as part of your regular spiritual practice to deepen your meditations and open yourself to the Universe. This product is perfect for those looking to strengthen their connection to nature and the divine.


The next incarnation of our chakra sprays . We have been making these for almost 20 years . Clearing . Healing . New look, new oils - still the best quality. And gees they smell so good !!! #chakra #chakrasprays

Intune Aura Spray

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