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Chakra: Throat

This is the center of sound, often called the seat of purification. Sound is the primordial ingredient of creation. From the Word or the Sound, life was created. It is responsible for speech and communication.  The throat chakra connects the third eye chakra with the heart chakra, this connection balances the worlds of feelings and thoughts.

Throat Chakra - EssenceEnergetics
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The Throat Chakra- Invoke


The throat chakra is where we make the unseen world of energy real. It is a hard chakra to balance because we never know how energy will express itself. For example, if we feel we  have to say something about the behaviour of someone that is bothering us - then we decide to take our courage in our hands and say something about how we feel. Now there are two ways that this can go. The person can respond to us in a hostile manner or the person listens to what we have to say, thinks about it and then responds gently. Or not. Most of the time people are still stuck in the lower worlds of the ego, they don’t like being corrected or put in their place. Most people have forgotten the art of debating without emotion. The throat chakra can teach us this, we are allowed to have an opinion, but our opinion is just that, ours. It come from a very limited view of the world through our judgemental eyes. We never ever see the full picture, when we think we do then we are in our egos, solar plexus chakra. So the throat chakra teaches us kindness, gentleness but also integrity and honesty. 

When we voice from the heart it will be filled with integrity, honesty, gentleness, peace and obviously love. The heart chakra is still the balancing point for all the chakras, so when we voice out of the heart we voice from a balanced point of view. Easier said than done. Being in the heart chakra does make us more vulnerable and open and voicing from this space can put us in the firing line. 

The throat chakra is about the vibration of sound. Sound creates structure, the ancient people believed that the whole universe was created by the sound Aum. At present there is a lot of research being done on how sound frequencies can heal and even cut like a laser beam. There is also research being done on the uplifting effect that music has on the nervous system and the physical health of the body. We all know how we feel when a song we like or love is played on radio or how we feel when someone plays music that we don’t like. This creates either harmony or dis-harmony in our energy field. Dis-harmony creates dis-resonance and dis-resonance creates separation. 

The throat chakra is actually about that word that we use so often but we really don’t understand the full spectrum of what it actually means. I am in tune. In tune means there is perfect alignment or entrainment with an object, sound or feeling. When we are in tune we feel connected, at ease and that we can resonate with something. Resonating with something means we agree with it. It’s like a non-verbal agreement that we say yes this is true for me. The opposite is when we don’t agree with something is when we don’t share the same values, beliefs or code of conduct.

We used the word INVOKE for the throat chakra for the following reasons:


I Invoke:


  • through affirmations what I want to attract into my life

  • harmony

  • peace

  • integrity

  • joy


Keywords: Light Blue


  • light blue- clear communication

  • white- purity

  • turquoise- clarity, creative expression

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  • I communicate clearly and precisely.

  • I resonate with truth and healing.

  • I hear and speak my truth.

  • I express my creativity.

Healing the throat chakra:

  • affirmation- dulling internal sounds

  • creativity using the right brain, no form or structure

  • getting enough sleep, during sleep our body moves into a state of harmony

  • keep a journal

  • letter writing

  • neck and shoulder massage

  • neck stretches

  • peppermint tea to soothe  the throat

  • read inspirational books about powerful people

  • sing along to music

  • story telling

  • toning- external sound

  • use mantras- internal sound

  • voice training

  • voice your own opinions

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