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Chakra: Third Eye

The third eye chakra is the portal through which one gains entrance to the spiritual world. It connects our human mind to our inner awareness and intuition. Clairvoyance and telepathy are possible when the third eye is open and awake. Meditation techniques that concentrate on the third eye can lead to illumination.

Third Eye meditation - EssenceEnergetics
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The Third Eye Chakra- Insight

Many spiritual traditions or movements place a huge emphasis on the opening of the third eye chakra. Once it has opened it allows us to gain direct contact to knowledge and wisdom - don’t need a guru and we can find our own truth. The third eye chakra holds the balance between the rational mind and the intuitive mind and it is said once this is achieved we can receive answers to life directly from the God mind. The God mind is like the universal internet, it’s a field of energy that holds all truth and all wisdom and ultimately this is what most spiritual traditions reach for to achieve. The third eye chakra, in its shadow side, can also be seen as the chakra of illusion and delusion. It holds dark in one petal and light in the other so a symbol that can fit quite easily with the third eye chakra is the yin yang symbol. 

Our karmic journey on earth is to find a balancing point between our own light and dark, this does not mean that we have to be all light, actually because of the duality on this planet, when we seek only light we will attract more darkness. The balance comes when we stop negating dark and integrate it with the light. When it comes to the energy of the third eye the term “like attracts like” is not enough to describe the manifestation process anymore. A more correct term would be: “what I feel, see, visualise, and think about attracts an energy of similar vibration, and therefore an experience of similar vibration”. So whatever is going on inside (and this inside can also be the unconscious or subconscious mind) will attract the same vibration. This is where illusion come and plays - try to become aware of toxic positivity. 

Integrating our dark: what is dark?

Any energy that is unconscious or perceivably negative or destructive in nature. Interesting that in India that “dark” is celebrated as much as the light through the destroyer gods and goddesses like Kali. Christianity made the dark the enemy. And because it vilified the dark we started fearing it instead of investigating and learning from it. The dark is always there, this planet is wired like that, we can’t make it go away, but we can integrate it and learn from it. The dark makes the light shine brighter. Imagine if we take all the shadows and dark colours out of a photograph, we will take out all the depth and definition and end up with an image that is quite flat and lifeless. Your dark energy is there for you to bounce the light off, to create interest and definition and to make the light shine. So what are we saying here? That the dark is not our enemy but our fear and perception of it is. 

Integrating our light: 

Any energy that is conscious, awake, positive and aware can be seen as light. Light is wisdom, light is unconditional love, light is power, light is healing and confidence, light is truth, light is energy - therefore light is life. For this reason the ancients believed that light is God, God is the sun. The sun sustains and gives life. It nurtures life. The light is the energy when we feel good, aligned and things happen synchronistically, we don’t have to push anything. When the dark is integrated with the light, we find balance in life we will also start having a balanced outlook of life. The two energies balance each other out and we find the middle path which Buddhism often talks about.

We used the word INSIGHT for the third eye chakra for the following reasons:


  • will bring clarity and understanding

  • will activate wisdom

  • will give perspective

Keywords: Indigo Blue


  • indigo blue- clarity, intuition, clear visions, dreams

  • sapphire blue- protection, calmness

  • emerald green- truth, healing

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Healing the third eye chakra:


  • create a dream journal

  • create visual art

  • guided visualisations

  • hypnosis

  • meditation

  • past-life regression

  • sunbathing

  • vision quest

  • visualisation



  • I see clearly.

  • I trust my intuition.

  • I visualise a perfect outcome to every situation.

  • I have a positive vision for my future.

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Third Eye Chakra

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