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Soul Code: Self-Love

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Like the song says “all we need is love”. This code is all about the heart, not the falling in and out of love heart, but the metaphysical heart of the soul. It’s the deeper aspects of the being, the spark of the Divine, the energy that creates, sustains and helps one to evolve as a human being. This code is about how one utilises  this love energy. Mostly society has changed it into a romantic type of energy that you give to others to make them love you in return but a more aligned version of this energy is to first love yourself as a spark of light. Completely accepting yourself just the way that you are without judgements. This love is about honouring yourself, being gentle with yourself and when you do share this love with someone, loving them without carrying them. Love is free like the wind, but as soon as there is heaviness, carrying, obligations and negotiations about love then we are working with human love and not Divine love. Human love comes from chemicals in the brain whereas Divine love comes from the Divine energy that created us. By loving yourself, your world, your life, you will attract more of the same. 

This is the universal law of love. Loving with conditions creates a transaction and this is not unconditional. 



For today look at your relationship with yourself and work on accepting and loving yourself a bit more. Be kind and gentle with your “mind talk” towards yourself. When you look outside of yourself try and find gentle loving eyes to look at our world. Even try and find universal unconditional love for the things or people that push your buttons. We are all here to feel, experience and be in a space of unconditional Divine love. For today you can put on those rose tinted glasses and look at the world through different filters. You can also love your space by bringing in pink objects, rose quartz, roses or light some beautiful fragranced incense. Create a day where unconditional divine love permeates everything.


Ask yourself the following questions:

What do I like about myself?

What do I dislike about myself?

Do love my home space?

What can I do to make I more beautifully and comfortable?

How can I practice more self-care?

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