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Chakra: Crown

The crown or thousand-petaled lotus flower represents the highest fulfilment of perfection.  The crown chakra is the final destination of the kundalini energy which lies at the base chakra.  When one awakens to the spiritual way of life, the kundalini energy starts rising. When it reaches the crown chakra it merges with the universal consciousness. 

Crown Chakra Meditation - EssenceEnergetics
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The Crown Chakra- Intune

At a spiritual level the opening of the crown chakra can be seen as the greatest achievement. In many spiritual traditions this can be experienced as enlightenment, nirvana, samsara and ascension. Most people have an understanding that when this happens that they will surpass the daily limitations of life, but if fact the real work then just begins. Once we have found something inside of ourselves that matters then it becomes a challenge to keep this feeling. Because we still live in a 3D world with real problems, sometimes reaching for spiritual solutions or ways of seeing and relating can become quite difficult. This is the reason why many souls rather choose to stay ignorant of the spiritual reality or our spiritual purpose. Once we are awake then it is very difficult to fall asleep again. 

The opened crown chakra gives us a sense of belonging to something bigger than us. Maybe a universal global tribe. The crown chakra is the internet of the rational mind. When we connect we access universal information and we channel this into the rational mind, most of us call this intuition or if you will, psychic. According to Caroline Myss, this psychic energy is nothing special, it is like the air we breathe, ordinary, but through hundreds of years of conditioning we made it into something arcane and mystical. We forgot that it is actually our natural state of being.

Our spiritual awakening this time around is to learn how to work online again. How to stay connected to the Universal Source of energy. To reconnect to our Divine Truth not the memories that we believe are truth. Because of the separation from the God-mind we had to create rituals to reconnect to Source energy. These rituals over the years became structured religion (interesting that the core of religion means to reconnect). Unfortunately structured religion became about control and power struggles instead of connection with Source. If we were truly connected to Source we would never harm or kill another living being because we know everything is God. If we look at the state of the world we can see how far we have removed ourselves from the Living Essence called God.

We used the word INTUNE for the crown chakra for the following reasons:

I Am intune with:

  • my life

  • my soul

  • my essence


Keywords: Violet


  • violet- the colour of royalty and nirvana

  • white- purity, ascension

  • gold- Christ consciousness, illumination, wisdom

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Healing the crown chakra:


  • creating a beautiful home

  • looking after your body- temple

  • massage to re-establish mind- body connection

  • meditation

  • psychotherapy

  • spending time walking in the mountains

  • spiritual music

  • spiritual ritual or practice

  • studying or reading


  • I am free from lower thoughts and ideas.

  • I am open to new patterns.

  • I am guided and feel 
    connected to the Universe.

  • I release all out-dated and limiting beliefs. 

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