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Eclectique is a small business based in Cape Town, South Africa that specializes in handmade, holistic products. Our collection is full of vibrant, colourful items that are all made with love and care. As far as we can, we use natural and ethically sourced materials to create a unique range of products that are perfect for any home.


Our mission is to bring you products that not only look good but also instill a sense of calm and balance in your home. We strive to be as eco-friendly as possible and each of our items is carefully crafted with sustainability in mind. A large number of our products are reclaimed and recycled and we make sure all products are energetically neutral.


Our products are handmade and designed by the Eclectique team right here in Cape Town.

What we can't make ourselves, we collect on

our travels around world. We have also sourced pure incense that is still handmade in traditional ways.

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